Wear Your Parent
Choose a necklace and chain with a birth record that's uniquely yours
It's Not Their Story-It's Yours
Tell it with custom hand stamped jewelry
You're Free to Choose
what information you want to keep on you at all times
It's Your Information
Display It Proudly and In The Coolest Way!
Mix It Up
Order one, order two--or a whole slew for your next sibling meetup!


"Just a note to say my son loved the necklace. He wears it all the time. I told him that the donor is part of him, just as I am. He cried! He proudly refers to him by number in a way he didn’t before. In some ways it’s like he now carries his father with him." --I.B., Canada

Affiliated with Donor Sibling Registry (www.donorsiblingregistry.com), Parent On A Chain offers donor conceived people hand-stamped jewelry with a unique and minimalist flair.  Pewter, copper, and aluminum choices with assorted ball chain options for you to choose.  Mix up chain finishes for a trendy look!  Order early for your next sibling get-together.  

Cheaper and less painful than a tattoo!

Ode To The Copper Bar
Go Roman Pewter
Aluminum Bar Please
Pewter Tag Me
Pewter Tag Me
Parent On A Chain Featured in New York Post

Parent On A Chain Featured in New York Post

WOW!  A recent article in the New York Post popped up in the fashion topic.  We were a little nervous when we saw the title, but the article was very positive about our new concept in donor conceived jewelry. 

All in all, we have been named "groundbreaking fashion" and we're so excited!  Read the article here.

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Oh, The Sorting!

Oh, The Sorting!

We sorted and tried and tested to come up with the best parents for you to choose from.  You didn't get that choice before, did you?  Well, this time you know exactly who you're ordering up.  Little elves painstakingly stamp and assemble your specific necklace to order. No automation here--your donor profile is completely open.  Truthfully, our jewelry maker is a donor conceived person's mom who recognizes just how important your information truly is.  Every single order benefits The Donor Sibling Registry (www.donorsiblingregistry.com) and gets you one step (or wearing) closer to meeting that donor or sibling on the street.
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Hand Stamped Items Easier To Get Than Tattoos

Hand Stamped Items Easier To Get Than Tattoos

We totally admit that being donor conceived is truly tattoo-worthy, but wouldn't it be easier and less permanent to just order one or more of our custom hand stamped pendants.  Display your donor information in any way you wish, be it Roman Numerals, # and name, or just a number.  Generally, the fewer characters you work with, the more elegant your piece is, but who cares about being elegant?

Anyway, save a few bucks and some pain and choose between copper, aluminum and pewter.  

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Copper and Pewter Bars
Pewter Tag Donor # and Name
Aluminum Bar Roman Numerals
Copper Bar Roman Numerals
Pewter Tag Name And #
Aluminum Bar Donor # and Name

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